About us

My son and I started Idaho Garage Solutions in 2018.  Installing industrial epoxy floors requires a lot of knowledge.  To learn the right way to install an epoxy floor, we went to an epoxy floor coating training school in Anaheim California, that lasted 7 days.  Since then, we have epoxy coated hundreds of floors in beautiful Treasure Valley. 

The fact is, it takes a lot to thoroughly learn how to install an epoxy floor coating correctly.  And, because this business has an extremely high employee turnover rate, my son and I decided to do all of the work ourselves.  We don’t ever have to worry if the job was completed right!


Because we have worked together for so long, we have developed a system that is both efficient and impressive.  We hardly say a word to each other, we just get in there and do the job.

 Just some of the advantages to have IGS do the work

  • We are the owners doing all of the work. Nobody cares as much like the owners do.
  • We have over 5 years’ experience. Yes, we know how to do it right!
  • We have 100% control over quality. Every floor we do is completed correctly and finished beautifully.
  • By keeping our overhead low, we save thousands of dollars every month. No employees mean we are able to do every job for much less, and we pass the savings onto you, our customers.
  • No kids or questionable people dropped off to do your job.
  • You know who we are, so no questionable surprises showing up at your house. One customer told me, that the house next to him had their floor coated, and, it looked like the companies’ employees just got out of prison. 
  • We don’t require a down payment to do your floor. Just set up a day for us to start, and the next day it will be completed.  Then you can pay us.
  • We love it when we have completed a customer’s floor and they are thrilled how it looks. It truly makes Pete and I feel good inside.
  • Customers are welcome to watch and ask questions while we are doing their floor.
  • As customers have told us, IGS shows up to work in their garage, and when they leave, it’s now a beautiful room!

When you contact IGS, you will be talking either to my son or myself, people that actually do the work.  When we show up to your residence, you will meet two clean cut, nice, highly knowledgeable people that are grateful for the opportunity to beautifully transform your cement floor, the right way.

Robert & Pete 

First Class from start to finish

Rated 5 out of 5
October 22, 2022

I am extremely happy with the work that Robert and Pete did for me on a recent storage condo. From the initial contact to the completion, the work was done on time and and with complete care. The communication was timely and accurate. So easy to work with them and I would call upon them again. They have a large selection and make the process very easy.

Jeff Solomon
16th Row Picture #1

When my Son and I can work together to transform the garage above into the one below, how could we not love what we do?

16th Row Picture #2