About us

My son and I started finishing garage floors in 2018.  Installing industrial epoxy and Polyaspartic floors requires a lot of skill and knowledge.  To learn the correct installation process for both of these flooring options we went to an Industrial Coating Floor training school in Anaheim California, lasting 7 days.  Since then, we have coated hundreds of floors in the beautiful Treasure Valley.

The fact is, it takes several years to learn all there is to know about installing industrial cement floor coatings correctly.  This business has an extremely high employee turnover rate, which is why my son and I do all of the work ourselves.  We never have to worry if a job was completed right!

Because we have worked together for so long, we have developed a system that is both efficient and impressive.  We hardly say a word to each other, just get in and do the job right every time!

A+ Business

October 24, 2022

Robert and team were easy to work with, good communicators, and the final product came out perfect.

We’re more than pleased and look forward to using IGS in the future!

Tom & Tyler Nelson
One of our favorite Epoxy floors we've done together.
16th Row Picture #1

When my Son and I can work together to transform the garage above into the one below, how could we not love what we do?

16th Row Picture #2

Just some of the advantages of having IGS do the work:

  • We are the owners doing all the work. No one cares like the owners do!
  • Since 2018, we have been installing Industrial garage floor coatings. Yes, we know how to do it right!
  • We have 100% control over quality. Every floor we do is completed correctly and finished beautifully.
  • By keeping our overhead low, we save thousands of dollars every month. No employees means we are able to do every job for less, and we pass the savings onto you, our customers.
  • No kids or questionable people dropped off to do the job.
  • You know who we are, so no surprises showing up at your door.
  • We don’t require a down payment. Just set up a start date and when it’s completed, you can pay us.
  • We love when customers are thrilled with how their floors look. It truly makes Pete and I feel good.
  • We encourage and welcome customers watching and asking questions while we work on their floor!
  • As customers have told us, IGS shows up to work in their garage, and when we leave, it’s a beautiful room!

When you contact IGS, you will be talking either to Pete or myself (Robert), the people who actually do the work.  When we show up to your residence, you will meet two clean-cut, nice, highly-knowledgeable, friendly people that are grateful for the opportunity to beautifully transform and protect your cement floor, the right way!

Robert & Pete