Frequently Asked Questions

Your competitors use Polyurea. Why don't you?

Keeping up with the highest quality products for customers is our top priority, so we like to explore what's out there. Some of our competitors claim that Polyurea is up to 4 times stronger than Epoxy and, after working with it ourselves, we can confidently say this claim is inaccurate. Polyurea is a great option for bedliners in trucks and trailers because it stretches and bends easily, but cement floors are flat and don't expand, so it provides very little benefit when compared to the strength of Epoxy. For us to confidently offer our lifetime warranty against peeling and yellowing, we will continue to use our tested and certified Epoxy products.

How is my floor prepared for your coatings?

We mask off the garage walls and then use a diamond floor grinder on the concrete surface. DIAMOND GRINDING THE TOP CEMENT LAYER OFF IS CRUCIAL TO THE EPOXY LASTING A LIFETIME! THERE IS NO BETTER WAY TO PREP YOUR CEMENT FLOOR. We remove a fine top layer of the cement, which opens the pores on the surface. This allows the Epoxy coating material to absorb into the cement, giving the product superior lifetime adhesion. The grinder will also remove any blemishes or stains in the cement. After the grinding process, we fill any divots or cracks in the cement.

Your competitor wants to acid wash my garage floor to prep it.

A lot of Epoxy floor companies only do acid washing to prep the cement before applying their Epoxy. The reason IGS will not acid wash cement as a prepping method is because the only thing that acid washing will do is clean the cement. It does not open the cement pores so that the Epoxy can absorb into it. That is why we always use our diamond grinding machine; it's the only way to take off a fine top cement layer. By removing this layer, it will open the cement pores so that our Epoxy will absorb into the cement to create a permanent bond. It takes between 5 to 6 times longer to diamond grind a cement floor, but it's worth the extra work for IGS so we don’t have to worry about our Epoxy lifting or peeling.

We've completed multiple re-do’s for customers who had their garage floors done by different companies, and all of these had one thing in common; the floor's Epoxy and top coat were lifting and peeling. The worst areas were near where the vehicles’ tires drove on - we had to grind off the existing coat and start over. It was clear that none of the jobs used diamond grinders, as there were no cuts in the cement from the diamond blades. We're not sure if the floors were even acid washed before applying the Epoxy, but we do know that the floors were not prepped correctly, thus causing the product to fail.

I have some cracks in my floor. Can you fix them?

Yes, absolutely we can fix them! In most cases, we will not charge for this service.

How long does the whole floor coating process take?

For a 750 sq. ft. garage it usually takes 8 to 10 hours to prep and apply the Epoxy and Flakes. The next day, plan for about 5 hours to prep and apply the top coat. Afterwards it takes about 8 hours to dry enough to walk on, and 48-72 before driving on it. Keep in mind when we do jobs in the winter the whole process can take a bit longer due to the colder temperatures.

I already have a coating on my floor that's peeling. Can you remove it?

Our Diamond Grinders can remove any previous coating on your garage floor, which is what we use to prepare your floor for our materials. Depending on the type of coating that is already on your floor, there might be an extra charge if it takes longer for us to remove it.

Is it my responsibility to remove my stuff from the garage?

We are happy to help you remove large items from your garage, but we ask that you remove smaller items like bikes, boxes etc.

How do I keep my new floor new-looking?

The best way to clean your floor is by using a mop and one tablespoon of Simple Green per 3/4 gallons of warm water. You will be amazed at just how clean and shiny your floor will look again!

How long will my floor last?

We provide a Lifetime Written Warranty. The fact is, our Epoxy coating will last because we prep it the correct way and only use high-quality products. Just be careful of extremely harsh chemicals; commercial chemicals could dull the shine of the product. If you have an accident, just wipe it up and clean the area with Simple Green. I've spilled lacquer thinner on my floor and it sat there for several days without doing any damage. But, just to be safe, wipe it up when you see the spill.

Epoxy garage floor

Rated 5 out of 5
July 27, 2022

Idaho Garage Solutions worked hard to fulfill my wants, met the quoted start/completion time frame, and competitively priced. Phone calls, text, request, and questions answered quickly. The floor was dry within a very reasonably timeframe. The finish is textured with the heavy flakes and glossy clear coat(s)…looks like WOW! I did get an extra coat of clear applied to ease the clean up of saw dust from woodworking. The durability seems great thus far, dropped a hammer by mistake and no visible damage. I appreciate these people! Very responsive and responsible. Hoping for years and years of service from the Sherwin Williams products.